Veterinarian talks animal healthcare on Breakfast with Martin Bester

Veterinarian talks animal healthcare on Breakfast with Martin Bester

There is a clear shift in the traditional ways of practicing veterinary medicine.

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Animal health companies, such as Zoetis, are revolutionising animal healthcare by providing veterinarians with integrated solutions to predict, prevent, detect, and treat disease. 

Dr Liza le Roux qualified as a veterinarian from Onderstepoort's Faculty of Veterinary Science. She has worked as a technical manager for Zoetis in the pet animal team for the last few years.

Le Roux joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to talk about our furry friends and how to best keep them healthy. 

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"The continuum of care is the future of animal health and will definitely help to extend the length and quality of life of our beloved companions,” says Dr le Roux.

Researchers have shown how pets improve childhood development, build social and communication skills, and boost youngsters’ self-esteem. There is also significant evidence that pets can help with a variety of mental disorders, including anxiety, depression, and loneliness. 

Dr le Roux says: “Many pets no longer sleep outside in a kennel, a barn or a cage. They’ve moved inside our homes and into our bedrooms and our beds. They, and unfortunately their parasites, sleep next to us as well as close to our children! The proximity of pets to people has made basic hygiene all the more important, in particular, parasite control.” 

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