VIDEO: Dad reveals hack to 'breastfeed' baby

VIDEO: Dad reveals hack to 'breastfeed' baby

Calling all dads: this is a must-see!

Dad reveals hack to 'breastfeed' baby
Instagram/ Screenshot

Work smarter, not harder, they say!

That is exactly what one dad did when he had to "fill in for mom" and feed his baby.   

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In a video shared on media and news company Lad Bible, a man can be seen feeding his baby in a very peculiar way. 

The resourceful dad decided to make a hole in his t-shirt, right where his nipple is, and put the tip of the milk bottle through his shirt. 

At first, the baby moans, but quickly, the dad's smart hack succeeds, and the baby starts drinking.

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Honestly, we think it's absolutely genius.

Watch here:

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Image Credit: Instagram/ Screenshot


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