VIDEO: Giraffe chases terrified tourists on safari

VIDEO: Giraffe chases terrified tourists on safari

A giraffe chased a group of tourists while on a game drive - and it was a pretty scary situation.

Giraffe Chases Group Of Tourists
Daily Mail

A group of tourists were chased by a giraffe while they were on a safari in South Africa. 

The male giraffe started running after the group - and aggressively chased them for almost 3km. 

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According to Daily Mail, Rainer Schimpf, who captured the dramatic footage, said: 'There was laughter; then tension; then fear. The giraffe saw the game vehicle miles away and started walking to it, intimidating the passengers."

The giraffe, clearly out of anger, knocked off the right side mirror of the Toyota Land Cruiser.


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