WATCH: Another Gauteng golf club fight goes viral
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WATCH: Another Gauteng golf club fight goes viral

Another fight broke out at a golf club in Gauteng and it was caught on camera. 

Bar fight
Bar fight/Facebook

A video went viral early in March of a fight between two golfers in a bar at a Gauteng golf club. The incident took place at Lake Club Benoni's Club Championship prize giving.

Fists can be seen flying and a man falling against a window, breaking it. The golf club has since issued an apology statement.

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However, a new video came to light on 9 March of another fight, allegedly at the Benoni Golf Club.

In the video, one can see two men looking fired up, staring at each other with onlookers waiting in anticipation as to what their next move would be.

A few seconds later, one can see more people getting involved. The cause of the fight is still unknown.

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