WATCH: Britney Spears' wedding crashed

WATCH: Britney Spears' wedding crashed

Police arrived at Britney Spears' wedding on Thursday after her ex-husband attempted to "crash" the ceremony. 

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
Britney Spears and her partner Sam Asghari / Instagram (@Samasghari)

Get the full story on how Britney Spears' wedding got crashed:

It was a busy Thursday for pop singer Britney Spears!

Britney made her way down the aisle in an intimate wedding ceremony with her now-husband Sam Asghari. Unfortunately, this did not come without any bumps in the road. 

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Hours before the wedding, Britney's ex-husband Jason Alexander dramatically interrupted the wedding preparations. In a live Instagram video, Alexander can be seen at the wedding passing security guards claiming that Britney invited him.

He then continued with the video, as he made his way into Britney's house, and confirmed that he has come to "crash the wedding".

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The video ends with a physical altercation between Alexander and security guards as he was apprehended. 

Alexander has been booked for trespassing, vandalism, and two counts of battery, related to his physical altercations with Britney's security.

Watch his live video here:

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