WATCH: 'My f** Marelize!' video goes viral

WATCH: 'My f** Marelize!' video goes viral

This video has South Africans in stitches - watch it below!


A short video of a woman crashing her bicycle into rugby poles has spread like wildfire across South Africa.

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The video resonated with many, not so much because of Marelize's lack of coordination, but mostly because of the reaction of the woman recording the moment.

In the video, Marelize is seen riding her bicycle on a rugby field at Affies Park in Windhoek. After riding for a few seconds she then heads straight for the rugby poles, before crashing into them. 

The woman filming can the be heard very dissapointlingly saying; "My f*k, Marelize...", before walking to assist Marelize. 


*Warning: strong language

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