WATCH: Overturned soft drink truck looted

WATCH: Overturned soft drink truck looted

A truck carrying soft drinks that overturned on Marlboro Drive in Johannesburg turned into a free for all for looters!

Looting overturned truck
Twitter/ Screenshot

On Tuesday, 5 July, reports came through that a truck carrying soft drinks overturned on Marlboro Drive near Johannesburg. 

In a video circulating online, motorists and residents in the area can be seen rushing to the truck to have their pick of the soft drinks. Motorists reportedly stopped their cars in the middle of the street to rush to the overturned truck. 

Watch the video here:

This looting incident follows reports of another incident that happened earlier on Tuesday. 

A fuel tanker reportedly overturned in Kroonstad, Free State, which again led to motorists and residents of the area looting the truck - scooping out fuel with buckets and jugs.

Look at the images here:

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Image Credit: Screenshot/ Twitter


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