WATCH: Shocking smash and grab in Johannesburg

WATCH: Shocking smash and grab in Johannesburg

South Africans have been left shocked after a video of a smash and grab made its rounds! 

Smash and Grab JHB
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A video of NINE men committing a smash and grab in Johannesburg CBD has made the rounds in South Africa, leaving people completely shocked. 

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The video sees a vehicle stopping at a traffic light on the corner of Market and Mooi streets in the Johannesburg CBD. 

A man, pretending to be a pedestrian, then approaches the car and smashes the driver's window. The other criminals soon follow by approaching the vehicle and smashing the other windows. 

The men can be seen surrounding the car and seizing the passengers' belongings. 

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The video has left South Africans shocked after seeing the criminals' brazen attitude after committing the crime. 

After the incident, all nine men can be seen walking from the scene of the crime in a calm and seemingly unfazed manner.   

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