WATCH: Young singer-songwriter Mia Kama performs her song 'We're The Same'

WATCH: Young singer-songwriter Mia Kama performs her song 'We're The Same'

We have reached out to yet another young busker. Mia Kama is spreading the joy and sharing her talent with the people of Gauteng! On Tuesday, she performed live on Breakfast with Martin Bester. 

Mia Kama and Martin Bester
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Mia Kama was born and raised in the Constantia Kloof neighbourhood in the Roodepoort area.

On Breakfast with Martin Bester, the young singer-songwriter joined the team and shared her talent and the inspiration behind her music.

"My mother runs a vegan food truck and thus we have travelled all over South Africa to all sorts of different music festivals. We have even travelled across borders to Swaziland for our work and being privileged enough to watch other performers just inspired me even more so," she says.

Kama added that she hopes her music "has a different feel to it".

"It’s not quite what the ordinary loop artists usually would play. But, once the music goes, people can’t help but get into the groove, and that’s exactly what I try to achieve," she continues.

"I would like to enlighten people with my music. Make them feel, make them think. I want them to relate to my lyrics and just let go of any human-emotional restrictions."

On Tuesday on Breakfast with Martin Bester, Kama performed her original song, 'We're The Same'.

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