WATCH: You’ve been eating chicken wings wrong this whole time

WATCH: You’ve been eating chicken wings wrong this whole time

This is the hack you never knew you needed...

Chicken wing eating hack
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Whether you like it spicy, buffalo style, fried or baked, the good old chicken wing is a crowd-pleaser and a favourite worldwide.

One downside of chicken wings, though, is the difficulty of eating them, especially the wingette part (the chicken wing with the two small bones).

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But what if we told you there is a super easy and efficient way to eat chicken that will reduce the effort and mess?

A recent viral video claims to demonstrate the proper way to eat chicken wings.

An Instagram meme page shared this clip with the caption: "So I've been eating chicken wings wrong this entire time." 

Watch here:

The hack is to bite down on the middle of the wingette and then pull the two bones out from either sides. 

Now, not all chicken wings are cooked as soft as these, with the bones sticking out on both sides, and some social media users noted that not all chicken wings will work with this method. 

"Some wings don't work like that," said one user.

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Many Instagram users also voiced concerns about eating chicken wings this way.

One user wrote: "You’re eating wings wrong if you’re not dipping in the ranch."

A second user wrote: "Nah - I have to pick out all the stringy fatty pieces and yucky stuff inside. I will never bite into chicken or anything else without pulling it apart first."

A third commented: "I don’t eat the veins in chicken! So this doesn’t apply to me!"

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