What dance style do you think Liesl Laurie will perform this week?

What dance style do you think Liesl Laurie will perform this week?

'Dancing with the Stars South Africa' has already captured the hearts of many South Africans - and so has our very own Liesl Laurie.

image liesl dancing on the show

Over the last four weeks, Breakfast Show traffic presenter Liesl Laurie has been dazzling the dance floor with an array of dance routines. 

Laurie has already sizzled in a saucy Cha Cha routine and her Waltz routine blew us all away. It was fantastic! 

WATCH: Liesl Laurie's Quickstep stole the show

But what dance style will Liesl and Ryan be tackling this week? 

They have both been hard at work, perfecting this week's routine, but they need your votes to keep them in the competition. 

On Friday, Liesl revealed her dance routine for this Sunday's performance - and it's going to be sexy! 

Here's how you can vote for Liesl:

You can register to vote on the DWTSSA website - mnet.tv/dwtssavote.

Click on Register and enter your cellphone number in the international format e.g. +27731234567 and your preferred password.

You will receive an OTP (One Time Pin) via SMS.

Enter your OTP.

Once registered, you will be able to vote during the show.

Voting is free but data costs (as per your ISP) apply.

With so many dance styles to choose from, what will she be dancing this week?

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