This is what 'HP' really stands for on the popular sauce brand

This is what 'HP' really stands for on the popular sauce brand

People are shocked after discovering what the 'HP' stands for on HP sauce!

HP Sauce
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The latest trending topic on Twitter just revealed what HP stands for in the popular 'HP Sauce' brand. 

After posting the question "Does anyone know what the “HP” stands for in HP sauce?" a Twitter user set the social media platform alight with many people responding to the question. 

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It was quickly revealed that HP stands for 'House of Parliament' Sauce. 

Talking about learning new things; the Breakfast with Martin Bester team was today years old when they learned this:

On the 'HP' sauce's packaging, images of the Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster sits below the name 'HP'. This clue reveals that HP indeed stands for 'House of Parliament.

Although the name itself isn't all that shocking, most Twitter users were shocked that they only now found out what it stands for. 

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One Twitter user tweeted that they always thought it was "Horse Power" sauce. 

"My dad always said the “HP” on the HP Sauce, stood for 'Horse Power'".

Do you like HP sauce?

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