What kind of mom are you?

What kind of mom are you?

The world is made up of all kinds of moms. 

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No mom is better than the next as each tries their utmost to be the best for their children.

To put it all into perspective, you get the infamous helicopter mom who holds their children’s hands in all that they do; the competitive mom who is all about outshining the other mothers and their children; the exhausted mom who just wants a break and a nap; the wine mom who is always keen for a glass of red; the hot mess mom who is like a hurricane at your feet - always late and always unsure of where and how and then there’s the zen mom who always knows just how.

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Breakfast newsreader Gerda de Sousa is always a ball of fun, but she’s also a great mother.

She shares just what kind of mom she is - we happen to think she’s a good combination of a few of the above.

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What kind of mom are you? Let Martin Bester know in the comment section below. 

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