What is your party trick?

What is your party trick?

Do you have an impressive party trick to show to the world? Now is your chance!

Liesl Laurie's party trick
Source: Jacaranda FM

A woman with 'one of the world's biggest mouths' showed the internet that she can cram two doughnuts inside her mouth at once!  

Thirty-year-old Samantha Ramsdell from Connecticut said her mouth measures 9.25cm wide.  

Her TikTok followers were gobsmacked when they saw what she can do with a ‘wider’ mouth.


Reply to @mariaaaah93 good morning! Just shoved 2 donuts in my mouth on a British Tv show @itvthismorning and it’s not even 6am, how’s your morning?😂

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Can you put an apple in your mouth? Martin Bester thinks that’s a great party trick and wants to know whether you also have one? 

Liesl Laurie’s party trick: She can throw anything in the air and catch it! 

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