What’s food got to do with it?

What’s food got to do with it?

A lot of people struggle with losing weight and USN is shining the light on the subject


In this episode our panel of experts discuss the role that food plays in your weight loss journey and how eating too much of the wrong food types can affect your weight loss journey negatively. 

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They also touch on some of the incorrect beliefs around weight loss like “You have to starve yourself to lose weight” and clarify that you do not have to go hungry to be healthy and lose weight. The topic of fad diets and their impact on your body is also discussed as well as what the right type of nutrients are. 

Another interesting discussion point is the one regarding cravings which includes common questions like; “What causes cravings?” and “What is my body trying to tell me through cravings?”. This episode also explains that eating the right types of food will keep you fuller for longer without having to take in excessive calories. To add to this, they also discuss the role of a healthy and active lifestyle to balance out occasional indulgences. USN offers  products that prove a great-tasting snack does not have to be calorie-rich. 


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