'Will the new smoking laws be regulated?' - Martin Bester

'Will the new smoking laws be regulated?' - Martin Bester

The new strict smoking laws were recently released by the World Health Organisation, but will they actually be enforced?

Teenage smoking close-up

Be warned - new smoking laws have arrived and you can be fined or cop a criminal offence charge if you do not follow them. 

The Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Draft Bill – which has been officially authorised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), aims to ban smoking in all public spaces, remove branding from cigarettes packs, and control electronic cigarettes.

Here are some of the laws

  • A zero-tolerance policy on in-door smoking in public places
  • When smoking outside, smokers must be at least 10 metres away from a public entrance
  • Cigarettes may no longer be publicly displayed by retailers

"Will these new smoking laws be regulated and by who?" Martin Bester wanted to know. 

Do you think the new laws will be followed and enforced?

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