Bree Street witness has SA in stitches with hilarious interview

Bree Street witness has SA in stitches with hilarious interview

Talk about running out of English bundles…

SABC Bree street interview
Twitter/ Screenshot

South Africa has 11, or rather 12, official languages, and we know that English is not everyone’s first language.

Many non-native English speakers would agree that there comes a time when your “English bundle” is completely depleted. 

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This was the case for one South African woman who tried to recall the Bree Street explosion after witnessing the incident. 

Video footage of an eyewitness of the Johannesburg CBD gas explosion in Bree Street had South Africans in stitches as she tried to recall the tragic incident. 

Although this is a serious matter, social media users couldn’t help but laugh at her hilarious explanations, with many blaming the reporter for the interview. 

"The person who should be blamed is that SABC Journalist, SABC is a government broadcaster with 12 official language, WHY all the time when they interview Black South Africans they use english and 99% of Black South Africans are using their mother language to communicate," said one Twitter user. 

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The woman spoke to the SABC about being on the scene of the initial incident on Wednesday, 19 July. 

In the clip, the woman recounts her experience of the gas explosion in Bree Street (renamed Lillian Ngoyi). 

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