Woman sues South African police after being assaulted

Woman sues South African police after being assaulted

This is Andy Kawa’s remarkable story in the book, 'Kwanele, Enough!'.

Andy Kawa
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She was just taking an afternoon stroll on King's Beach when she was abducted, gang-raped, and held captive for 15 hours — and 10 years later justice has still not been served.

Accomplished businesswoman Andy Kawa’s life was changed irrevocably when, on a summer’s day in 2010, she took a stroll on the popular King’s Beach in Port Elizabeth. Abducted in broad daylight, she was dragged into nearby dunes, held, and assaulted by several men.  

Her attackers were never caught.  

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Kawa successfully sued the police for failing to properly investigate the attack. 

Justice Sarah Sephton found police officers were ‘grossly negligent’ regarding her case. The police appealed and won. Yet Kawa would not give up her fight for justice. She has begun her appeal to the Constitutional Court.  

This morning, Breakfast with Martin Bester speaks to Andy Kawa about her journey. 

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