Worker destroys 23,000 kg of meat after allegedly urinating on pork production line

Worker destroys 23,000kg of meat after allegedly urinating on pork production line

Over 20,000 kilograms of product destroyed. We have never seen anything like this before. 

Worker urinates on production line
Worker urinates on production line/WAVY TV 10

One of the largest pork producers in the world was forced to destroy about 23,000 kilograms of its product. Not because of a disease or an outbreak, but because of a worker’s actions. He allegedly urinated on the production line and it was caught on camera!

Production at a packing plant in Virginia came to a halt. The footage shows the worker working for a few seconds, removing his gloves, leaning against the work surface, and allegedly urinating.

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What makes it worse is that his co-workers do not suspect anything. 

According to Business Insider, Smithfield said in a statement that more than 23,000kg of product was disposed of following an internal investigation of the incident. Better be safe than sorry!

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"The facility immediately halted production, fully cleaned the processing line, and sanitised all equipment multiple times before resuming operations. The employee has been suspended pending a complete investigation. The facility and its employees' immediate response and corrective actions to this isolated incident reflect the company's commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of its products."

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