Would you try yoga for your toes?

Would you try yoga for your toes?

Fitness trends are becoming more popular with many motivated to keep fit.

Feet Breakfast

Our most overworked and underappreciated body part is getting the attention it deserves! If you have done yoga before, you would know it will improve your running effectiveness and lessen your risk of damage to the feet. Toega was introduced to the world and fitness enthusiasts are loving it. Yoga for your feet also feels great especially after a long day at work.

Many people are very sell conscious about their toes and even though it’s proven to be healthy, it still doesn’t mean that the exercise is less funny or cringe worthy.

Martin Bester finds the phenomenon extremely funny and jokingly asked: “What’s next? Dancing for your toes?” It will certainly have to be called “toe jam!”

Would you try toega?

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