You can now hire someone to cuddle with in South Africa

You can now hire someone to cuddle with in South Africa

Breakfast with Martin Bester spoke to Florence Letswalo from Pro Cuddling SA, South Africa's first cuddling practice.

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Pro Cuddling SA, South Africa's first cuddling service, has received a lot of positive feedback and returning customers. 

Pro Cuddling SA owner Florence Letswalo joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to talk about the first-of-its-kind service. 

Letswalo said that the idea came about after she had a bad day and her partner comforted her with cuddles and by listening to her problems. 

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This made the 34-year-old owner realise that many people might not have the comfort of someone to cuddle when they need it most. 

According to Letswalo, the pro cuddlers will arrive at a client's house and comfort them with cuddles. They also work on connecting with customers and listening to clients' problems. 

"People are not robots, you have to connect with the client," says Letswalo.

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Clients can book a cuddler from the Pro Cuddling SA website. The minimum sessions are one-and-a-half hours long.  

A cuddle session could cost up to R4,000, but that is for an extended session of 12 hours. An average 90-minute session lands at R900.

"We have it up to like 12 hours. We even have a sleepover option."

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