10 rarest DVDs that could earn you up to R20k

10 rarest DVDs that could earn you up to R20k

Your DVD collection might be more valuable than you think...

Rare dvds could earn you cash

The days of VHS tapes, CDs, and DVDs seem to be long gone.

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Luckily, this does mean that the value of some of these items has gone up over the last few years.

Thanks to avid collectors, there is still a market for these products, although it might be a small one.

If you have any of these at home, it might be worth having a look at the prices some of these are fetching on sites such as eBay, especially DVDs.

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According to Ryan Toomey, an editor at Upbeat Geek, there are 10 rare DVDs that could make you quite a bit of cash if you were to sell them.

Here is the list of the 10 rarest DVDs and their prices:

1. 'Pulp Fiction' (Collector's edition) - £150/R3,600

The behind-the-scenes footage featured in this edition gives it an "enhanced viewing experience".

2. 'The Evil Dead' (Book of the Dead edition) - £130/R3,100

The creative cover and packaging for this edition are what make it extra special.

3. 'Alien Quadrilogy' (25th anniversary edition) - £250/R6,000

Not only does this edition come with 9 DVDs but it is also presented in the skull of a Xenomorph.

4. 'National Treasure' (Presidential election) - £173/R4,100

This might seem like a random contender but Toomey explained, "Instead of a normal hardshell DVD case, the DVDs are hidden in a replica of the President’s secret book featured in the sequel, which is packed with fun tidbits and immense detail as shown by one lucky owner."

5. 'The Real Ghostbusters' (Complete Collection) - £750/R18,000

Apparently, the 2008 version is the most elusive of all.

6. 'Hardware Wars' (30th anniversary edition) - £120/R2,800

This 'Star Wars' parody still has some diehard fans.

7. 'Star Trek Voyager' Boxset (Borg Cube) - £400/R9,500

"You can own an iconic part of the Star Trek series with this highly desirable box set, which emulates the highly stylised cube ships of the enemy Borg, setting you back over £400," says Toomey.

8. 'The Exorcist' (50th anniversary Deluxe Set) - £200/R4,700

There were only 2,000 copies produced and came in a leather case to represent the Bible.

9. 'Bruce Lee Spectrum' Collection (Limited edition) - £800/R19,000

Bruce Lee is one of the most icon action heroes of Hollywood so it's no surprise that this silver edition that includes all his movies fetches such a high price.

10. 'Spider-Man 1-3' (Japanese Exclusive with Bust Statue set) - £540/R13,000

And last but not least, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

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