WATCH: 123-year-old virgin still hoping to find a willing partner

WATCH: 123-year-old virgin still hoping to find a willing partner

Theresia Nyirakajumba has never been with a man and is hoping that one day her desire will be fulfilled.

123-year-old virgin still hoping to be deflowered by man
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There are many reasons why someone would want to remain a virgin and there is nothing wrong with the choices that each individual makes for themselves.

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While waiting until marriage is a common concept amongst many cultures, Theresia Nyirakajumba's situation is a little more complicated.

In a now viral video, Theresia, a Rwandan woman aged 123, was given the opportunity to explain her unique situation and tell viewers why she is still a virgin at this late age.

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According to Theresia, her culture does not allow women to date men and instead, a woman has to be introduced to a man by their family. Unfortunately for her, her family never introduced her to a man and thus she was never able to "fulfil her desires".

She also admits to being quite scared of powerful men and turned away possible suitors because of this.

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You can watch the full interview here:

Luckily, Theresia is not letting her age get her down and still has hope that she will meet a man who is worthy and who loves her.

Even though Theresia is still on the lookout for a man, one has to wonder if her avoidance of the opposite gender might be the secret to such a long life?

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