Ask the nation: "My husband and I sleep in different beds"

Ask the nation: "My husband and I sleep in different beds"

Does distance make the heart grow fonder or could this be the end?

Ask the nation: "My husband and I sleep in different beds"

Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie will often sift through their work emails and find a distressing, angsty email from a listener.

The sender of the email is usually looking for some advice, insight or just some perspective on pressing issues they might have.

With the help of Jacaranda FM listeners, the team will do their best to assist the person in need.

Here is today's dilemma:

"Hi, Rob and Roz, thanks for the show and all the wonderful advice. 

Speaking of which I need your help.

My husband and I sleep in different beds. But we have very good reasons for that.

My husband snores VERY loudly, and I am a restless sleeper; I mean, taking all the covers and slapping in my sleep. (Obviously not intentionally) We also have very different schedules so it’s just more convenient.

Recently, some of our friends were discussing the topic, and we mentioned that this was our setup. To say they were shocked was an understatement, and they then proceeded to tell us, “It’s not right” and that “married couples should sleep in the same bed”.

This works for us, but now we’re doubting ourselves: are there any other couples out there that sleep in separate beds and can confirm that it isn’t the end of the world?

Greatly appreciate any help, Anon."

Could sleeping in separate beds be the thing that saves a marriage or ruins it?

Take a listen to find out.

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