Chaos in Tshwane - What exactly happened?

Chaos in Tshwane - What exactly happened?

A brawl broke out between councillors at a sitting of the Tshwane council. Now people are wondering what happened and why. Journalist Christelle du Toit breaks down the sticky situation...

WATCH: Tshwane council descends into chaos over speaker

The Congress of the People (Cope) has called on ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa to condemn the behaviour of his party’s councillors in Tshwane after a brawl broke out during a sitting.

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Videos of the altercation were shared on social media and allegedly show ANC councillors getting into a brawl with council speaker Murunwa Makwarela and DA councillors.

The DA has given statements that strongly condemn the behaviour at the sitting and have called on President Ramaphosa to take action and deal with the event.

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The event took place on Tuesday and, as of yet, the city of Tshwane Council could not be reached for comment.

Watch the video below:

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