Experts share important air fryer safety tip you might be missing

Experts share important air fryer safety tip you might be missing

An air fryer might be seemingly harmless, but it is still an electrical appliance.

Air fryer tips and expert shares

When air fryers first burst onto the cooking scene, it might have seemed like a quick trend that would blow over at some point.

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Instead, air fryers proved that they are here to stay and they've become a kitchen staple much like a toaster or a kettle.

Air fryer 'influencers' share recipes, tips and hacks for using your air fryer and it seems like there is nothing these machines can't cook.

While they might be easier to clean and maintain than ovens, as well as significantly smaller, it doesn't mean that they can't be dangerous if not used correctly.

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Something that you might not have considered but what many experts suggest is that you unplug your air fryer when it is not in use.

Air fryers are very cost-efficient and do not use nearly as much electricity as other appliances but there are other reasons to unplug:

A few final thoughts include not plugging your appliance into an extension cord and instead plugging it directly into an outlet, and waiting until it has completely cooled down before washing the basket/tray.

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