Five destinations hay fever sufferers should avoid

Five destinations hay fever sufferers should avoid

Are you suffering from hay fever? Avoid these places...

Five destinations hay fever sufferers should avoid
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Itchy eyes, runny noses, and constant sneezing are not fun symptoms to have to deal with but are frequent visitors for anyone who suffers from pollen allergy.

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It also is often inescapable and unavoidable.

This means that if you suffer from hay fever in SA, you'll definitely have the same reactions across the world.

As it turns out, some places might be worse than others and naturally one would like to avoid.

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Hellotickets has found the best destinations to visit if you are a pollen allergy sufferer.

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Hay fever does depend on the kind of pollen allergy you have - tree, grass or weed.

If you have tree allergies it is best to visit Faro in June and Lisbon in July and August. Ibiza is the place to be in all three months for grass pollen allergies.

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Here are the five worst places to visit for hay fever sufferers:

  • Zürich

If you have a pollen allergy, this is one of the worst places to visit during the early summer. It has extremely high levels of tree and grass pollen count from April to July.

  • Warsaw

This city has one of the highest amounts of average grass pollen levels during the summer months.

  • Milan

The best time to visit Milan is in the winter months as it has sudden high bursts of pollen levels from May to August.

  • Corfu

While the island of Corfu might be one of the most desired holiday destinations, it is the enemy of hay fever sufferers. During the summer months, weed pollen counts are extremely high.

  • Budapest

Winter is the best time to visit this city as it has high levels of weed pollen in July, August and early autumn

If you want to learn more about hayfever and allergies, watch this video:

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