Get ready for 'Pumpkin Finds Her Kindness - The Play'

Get ready for 'Pumpkin Finds Her Kindness - The Play'

Bianca Flanders and Dean Balie joined us in studio to talk about taking a beloved children's book and turning it into a stunning theatre production.

Get ready for 'Pumpkin Finds Her Kindness - The Play'

Get ready for a heart-warming and enchanting experience as the much-loved children's book series comes to life on stage with 'Pumpkin Finds Her Kindness - The Play.' This delightful production takes young audiences on a journey of self-discovery, friendship, and the transformative power of kindness. With laughter, puppets, and memorable songs, this mini musical is set to captivate families all around South Africa, one song at a time!

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Based on the beloved children's book series, 'Pumpkin Finds Her Kindness - The Play' tells the tale of little Pumpkin as she grapples with feelings of jealousy and envy after losing a competition. Determined to conquer her confused and green-eyed monster, Pumpkin sets off on an exhilarating adventure, guided by her wise Ouma and accompanied by her faithful feline friend, Toots the cat.

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Starring the incredibly talented Bianca Flanders (known for her roles in 'Troukoors' and 'District 6 The Musical') and Dean Balie (renowned for his performances in 'Nêrens Noordkaap' and 'Kat and the Kings'), 'Pumpkin Finds Her Kindness - The Play' boasts a cast that will leave audiences mesmerized. With their exceptional acting skills and musical prowess, Flanders and Balie bring these beloved characters to life, ensuring an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike.

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Director Nico Scheepers masterfully weaves together the elements of puppetry, music, and storytelling, creating a visually stunning and engaging theatrical spectacle.

'Pumpkin Finds Her Kindness - The Play' will be performed at Die Centurion Teater, 123 Amkor Rd, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, 0184 on the 12th August 2023. Tickets available at through

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