Google issues three-week warning to Gmail users

Google issues three-week warning to Gmail users

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Google issues three-week Gmail warning to users

If you have a Gmail account that you have been neglecting or simply forgot about, it might be time to log in and have a look around.

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Google has issued an official warning that it will soon be getting rid of unused and inactive Gmail accounts.

The company introduced a policy earlier this year that will be set into action at the start of December 2023.

This policy will ensure that millions of Gmail accounts will be permanently deleted as part of a major update for the platform.

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Accounts that have been dormant for two years or more will receive warning notifications before all emails, documents, spreadsheets, calendar appointments, photos, and videos will be deleted.

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While you might think you are just losing an old email account, it is important to note that this can also prevent you from using other platforms or services connected to this email address.

The biggest reason for this policy is that it helps prevent users from being victims of hacking, phishing scams, and other security violations.

Here are a few easy ways you can prevent your account from being deleted:

  • Open or send a mail
  • Use Google Drive
  • Download an app on Google Play Store
  • Use Google Search while logged into the account

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