This is how much South African police officers earn

This is how much South African police officers earn

If you've ever wondered about the salaries of police officers, here's your answer...

Confused SAPS

In its annual report for the full year of 2023, the South African Police Service (SAPS) shared extensive information about the internal workings of the operation.

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According to the report, there were roughly 179,502 police officers in South Africa during the reporting period, an increase of 4,272 employees from the previous year.

This puts the police-to-population ratio at 1:417, whereas in 2012/15, it was sitting at 1:358.

The 179,502 officers include active police officers and administrative staff:

  • 20,547 commissioned officers;
  • 123,896 non-commissioned officers;
  • 34,226 Public Service Act employees.

As with most jobs in all sectors, the average salary of a SAPS employee depends on their skill level and position within the department.

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There are positions in administration, crime intelligence, and visible policing. Salaries in the lowest skill level (1-2) average an annual income of R299,000.

At senior management and executive employee level (13-16), the average salary rises to R1,431,000 per annum. The average wage across all levels is R37,500 (R450,000 per annum).

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According to BusinessTech, on average, this results in the SAPS member earning R10,000 more per month than the average formally employed non-agricultural worker, which is R26,791.

The salaries of SAPS members have been justified by the argument that the job involves a significant amount of danger.

You can find a breakdown of the salaries below:

This is how much South African police officers earn

The table below summarises, per salary band, expenditures incurred on salaries, overtime, homeowners allowance, and medical assistance:

How much the south african police earn

While you might be surprised by the above-average pay the SAPS are receiving, there is a worry within the department.

In recent years it has had to deal with a mass exodus of its personnel, specifically from its elite task force members.

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During a previous press briefing, former Police Minister Bheki Cele revealed that approximately 58 members of the Special Task Force (STF) and National Intervention Unit (NIU) had recently resigned.

The department believes that the members of these groups are leaving to seek job opportunities in the private security sector.

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To combat this, the SAPS has entitled STF and NIU members to R21,000 danger pay in addition to their monthly salaries.

BusinessTech also notes:

If you are looking for a dangerous but well paying job, then this might just be for you.

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