How much for an Uber from Joburg to Cape Town? YouTuber finds out...

How much for an Uber from Joburg to Cape Town? YouTuber finds out...

Ever wondered how much a cross-country Uber trip would cost you? Well, it's time to find out...

YouTuber takes Uber drive from Johannesburg to Cape Town

While there will probably never be a good enough reason to Uber all the way from Gauteng to the Western Cape, one content creator decided to take on this journey and see how it goes, so that you don't have to.

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Although finding a driver willing to travel for 16 hours in one direction might be the biggest struggle you will face, even if your road trip playlist is amazing.

Tsoanelo 'Tsoanieskits' Moyo decided to take two of his friends on this wild journey and set out to find a driver who was willing to take them all the way from Johannesburg to Cape Town in one go.

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Luckily, they found driver Darlington after trying to connect with multiple drivers. He was willing to take them on the 1409.6km journey.

The group then set off on the journey, but it wasn't without some drama.

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At one point, the Uber app even told the group that they had reached the maximum driving limit and that the app will "now be offline until 1.37am."

You can watch the full video below:

In the end, the massive trip cost Moyo R8,365 and while the group were exhausted, everyone seemed to part ways in good spirits. 

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Main image courtesy of Tsoanieskits/YouTube

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