LISTEN: The devastation in Jagersfontein explained

LISTEN: The devastation in Jagersfontein explained

Journalist, Christelle du Toit, explained what happened at Jagersfontein and what will happen next. 

Three dead, dozens injured in Jagersfontein mine dam disaster

The news of the damage caused in Jagersfontein has shocked South Africa. 

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Hundreds of residents were evacuated after the mine dam burst and the strong streams of water caused damage to the Kopanong Local area. 

Free State disaster management spokesperson, Mark Butler told Jacaranda FM that "the whole town is basically affected."

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Butler continued by saying that several roads have also been washed away, making it difficult for rescue teams to reach the scene.

President Cyril Ramaphosa visited the town and assured residents that their houses will be rebuilt. 

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“These are the things we will be investigating - there will be an investigation to check exactly what happened; right now we want to concentrate on making sure that we look after our people from a livelihood point of view, a security point of view, an education point of view,  a health point of view, a human settlement point of view, and everything that goes with creating and restoring the livelihood of the people who were affected by this.," he said.  

Journalist, Christelle du Toit, explained what will happen next and how this will be rebuilt. 

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