LISTEN: Find out what ancient languages sound like

LISTEN: Find out what ancient languages sound like

Whether it's ancient Egyptians or Norse Vikings, have you ever wondered what these dead languages sound?

This is what ancient languages sound like video

There are many interesting and beautiful languages around the world.

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As South Africans, we also celebrate our diversity and have 11 official languages, which we are always proud of. 

But, unfortunately, there are many languages that have been lost over the millennia, and some are still dying out.

Whether you are into history or not, it is pretty fascinating to wonder how these languages would have sounded.

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A TikTok account called @histroscope has created multiple videos with sound, that showcase all kinds of ancient languages that have been lost in time.

Have a listen because some of them actually sound kind of familiar:


How Ancient Languages Sounded Like.

♬ original sound - @histroscope

How Ancient Languages Sounded Like (Part 2).

♬ original sound - @histroscope

Some of the later videos in the series even have subtitles of the translation:


How Old Languages Sounded Like (Part 11).

♬ original sound - @histroscope

If time travel is ever possible, we at least attempt to try and speak the languages of the time.

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