LISTEN: How to deal with your stress language

LISTEN: How to deal with your stress language

We all know about love languages, but what are stress languages?

LISTEN: How to deal with your stress language

Stress is a part of everyday life; however, not everyone experiences stress in the same way.

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Just like how we love differently, we also experience stress in a variety of ways. 

Chantal Donnelly, a physical therapist, stress researcher and author of 'Settled: How to Find Calm in a Stress-Inducing World', has come up with the concept of stress languages. ‘Stress language’ is not an official mental health term, but it does help us understand this feeling and how to deal with it within ourselves and others a lot better.

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There are 5 different stress languages:

-       The Imploder

This person tends to ‘freeze’ in response to a stressful situation. They tend to feel paralysed, helpless, and hopeless.

-       The Exploder

This person will respond through ‘flight or fight’. They will have an inflated reaction in a stressful situation and become angry, irritable, frustrated or even remove themselves from the situation

-       The Fixer

This response is common among women and is a ‘tend and befriend’ response. This will show itself as people pleasing, appeasement, overstepping boundaries, and even ‘mothering’.

-       The Numb-er

This person will numb themselves to the outside world when things aren’t going well. This person will use escapism as a coping mechanism. This includes drugs, alcohol, online gaming, overworking, and overexercising.

-       The Denier

This person responds with toxic positivity and can be overly optimistic to avoid reality. 

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