LISTEN: "How do I confront a rude colleague?"

LISTEN: "How do I confront a rude colleague?"

This is not an easy conversation to have...

LISTEN: "How do I confront a rude colleague?"

Every Monday, Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie will sift through their mailbag looking to help a listener in need.

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Not all are equally as serious, but no matter the issue, the team will address them all with the same intensity.

And with the help of Jacaranda FM listeners, the team will do their best to assist the person in need.

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Here's a look at the e-mail we've received:

"Hi Drive team 

I have a coworker who is constantly commenting on my weight. They say things like "Wow you have lost so much weight" or tell everyone in the office that I won't be having any birthday cake because I live at the gym and shouldn't be tempted. 

They bring up my weight in front of colleagues and even clients. Sometimes they refer to me as "groot seun" or "big man". How do I tell this person to leave me alone without causing a big fight or confrontation?

Love the show."

Take a listen to find out how things escalated and what advice our listener received.

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