LISTEN: How is lab-grown meat cultivated?

LISTEN: How is lab-grown meat cultivated?

The future of meat looks a lot different to what most people imagined.

Lab-grown meat podcast and information

Previously on the Drive with Rob and Roz, the team talked about the growing industry of meat cultivation. (See below.)

However, the team had more questions and decided to get in touch with an expert on the subject.

They're all about sharing information so if you are curious and want to know more about this practice then listen here:

There is no hiding the fact that the cost of living has gone up significantly (which is why it is being referred to as a crisis) and that there are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who are starving.

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In the technologically advanced age we live in, researchers, scientists, and curious minds are always innovating and trying to find ways to help solve the world's problems.

One way some people are trying to fight world hunger and other food-related concerns is by cultivating meat.

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This might sound like an easy solution, but this concept is facing major backlash, with some USA states looking to ban lab-grown meat.

With it being such a new development, there are still many questions about this practice and if it is as beneficial as it sounds.

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