LISTEN: Pretoria mom struggles with son's rugby future

LISTEN: Pretoria mom struggles with son's rugby future

Do parents really know what is best for their children?

LISTEN: Pretoria mom struggles with son's rugby future

Every Monday, Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie will sift through their mailbag, [email protected], looking to help a listener in need.

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Not all are equally as serious, but no matter the issue, the team will address them all with the same intensity.

And with the help of Jacaranda FM listeners, the team will do their best to assist the person in need.

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Here is the e-mail we received:

"Hi Rob and Roz

I have had something on my mind for the last few weeks, so I decided to get it off my chest and send you guys something for your Monday Mailbag.

My son is 11 Years old and the best Rugby player in his school. We live in the Moot in Pretoria so he goes to a relatively small school. My husband thinks we should move him to a bigger, more prominent school so that he can grow as an athlete and gain more exposure. I believe if we move him to a bigger school, we run the risk of him just being one of the rest. Naturally, I want the best for my son but I’m not quite sure what the right thing is to do.

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