LISTEN: "Should I tell my boyfriend about this gift or keep it secret?"

LISTEN: "Should I tell my boyfriend about this gift or keep it secret?"

What would you do if you received a slightly unwanted gift?

Should I tell my boyfriend about this gift?

Every Monday, Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie will sift through their mailbag looking to help a listener in need.

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Not all are equally as serious, but no matter the issue, the team will address them all with the same intensity.

And with the help of Jacaranda FM listeners, the team will do their best to assist the person in need.

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Here's a look at today's dilemma:

"Happy Monday Rob & Roz!

"Hope you had a good weekend because mine was quite interesting…

"I'm currently in a relationship and I've never been happier. Recently, someone reached out to me on social media, ya know, slid into the DMs and confessed that they would like to take me out on a date and tried to shoot their shot. 

"After I told them I was in a relationship, they told me, 'if it doesn't work out, you know where to find me'.

"This is where it gets a bit messy."

Take a listen to find out how things escalated and what advice our listener received.

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