Meet Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie's puppets!

Meet Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie's puppets!

Michelle Botha is an actress turned puppeteer and today she stopped by the Jacaranda FM studio with a very special gift for the team!

Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie chat to Michelle Botha and her puppets

On Tuesday, the Drive with Rob & Roz had someone else pulling the strings in studio... literally!

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Michelle Botha, the owner, and founder of Bizzy Hands Puppet Company joined The Drive with Rob & Roz in studio to chat about all things puppets and we can honestly say that we learned so much about this entertaining and educational profession.

Botha founded Bizzy Hands Puppet Company in 2012 as a way to educate and entertain simultaneously and started with only one set of puppets. Since then the company has grown into a fully-fledged theatre puppet show.

Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie meet their doppelgangers

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But where does her initial love of puppets come from?

In 2011, Botha was working on the Takalani Sesame production team and eventually she moved on to working as a puppeteer, and the rest is history.

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While Bizzy Hands Puppet Company currently offers five different puppet shows aimed at ages 3 - 10 for entertainment purposes, they also provide children with the chance to create their own puppet friends at parties or other events. They'll supply the puppets and the children get to enjoy decorating and painting them.

See the moment the team meets their puppet doppelgangers:

Schools can book the Bizzy Hands Puppet Company for all shows; social-emotional and general.

Visit the Bizzy Hands Puppet Company website on  or follow them on all social media platforms.

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