Naked man wins the right to walk around unclothed

Naked man wins the right to walk around unclothed

Be careful when doing a double take as Alejandro Colomar passes you on the street.

Alejandro Colomar fight for his right to practice nudism in Valencia Spain

Naturism, more commonly known as nudism, is the practice of going without clothes, generally for reasons of health or comfort. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, it originally started in Germany, and it is solely a social practice where the sexes can interact freely without engaging in sexual activities.

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While nudity might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are some countries that are more open to the idea and have more liberal rules when it comes to bearing it all in public.

In Spain, where public nudity has been legal since the 1980s, 29-year-old Alejandro Colomar has been practicing nudism since 2020. He told Reuters that while he receives more support than insults from the public when walking about, he was once threatened with a knife.

More recently his biggest issue has been with the law and local authorities. He has been cited multiple times by police for practicing nudism in his village, Aldaia, and was accused of “obscene exhibition”. He has accumulated around R50,000 in fines but decided to take the matter to court and settle it once and for all.

The court did reach a verdict and sided with Alejandro, stating that he did not illustrate an “alteration of citizen security, tranquility or public order”.

He initially did have some trouble getting into the courthouse as he showed up only wearing socks and boots, but after being told he had to be clothed to enter, he did return wearing a “normal” amount of clothing.

It might be many years, or even decades before nudism gets legalised in other parts of the world, but Alejandro is once again able to happily walk around in his birthday suit.

And as Sia once sang, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”… 

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