Patron spends R182k on alcohol during night out

Patron spends R182k on alcohol during night out

If you've got it, should you really flaunt it?

Customer spends over R182 500 on alcohol in club

Most people can confirm that there have been some nights, while out partying, that things may have gotten out of hand and they've ended up spending more than they had intended to.

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For the general public, that might be a few hundred Rand more.

Not tens of thousands of Rands.

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South Africans were absolutely shocked when they came across a Tweet that included a picture of a liquor bill that went up to R182,531!

While many people reacted by saying if the patron can afford it, they should enjoy living their life in such a way, others were furious that someone was willing to spend such an amount on alcohol:

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At least while this customer was taking YOLO to a whole new level, the waitstaff were able to score a sizeable tip of over R20,000 for themselves!

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