Three hijacking trends targeting South African drivers

Three hijacking trends targeting South African drivers

South African motorists have been warned that hijackers are using new methods.

Three hijacking trends targeting SA drivers

According to the most recent crime statistics released in 2023, hijacking incidents have increased by 30% since 2019.

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When drivers or passengers are involved in such incidents, they might feel hopeless, and although it might seem like there is little to be done at the time, there are ways you can remain vigilant.

On a recent podcast, Penuel Mlotshwa was joined by the Group CEO of Mit-Mak Motors, Bobby Petkov, who spoke about three new methods of hijacking that have been identified.

The Blockage Method

This method is very similar to the technique used by hijackers following and blocking off motorists when they arrive home and are in the driveway.

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The Tap-Tap Trap Method

This may seem like a normal accident, but these days you can't be too careful.

As soon as the motorist pulls over, the hijackers will make their move.

Unfortunately, trust amongst South Africans seems to be on a steady decline as these incidents continue to increase, and it's hard to keep having faith in humanity.

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