Toxic traits: The Drive reveals it all!

Toxic traits: The Drive reveals it all!

Things are getting spicy as Rob Forbes and Rozanne McKenzie reveal their toxic side...

The Drive reveal their toxic traits

Toxic traits refer to "habits, behaviours, and ongoing actions that harm others."

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Whether you like to call them red flags or toxic traits, we all have problematic behaviours.

Granted, there are also many levels of toxicity to these behaviours but the general feeling remains that you won't be proud of your toxic traits.

While identifying the more problematic behaviours and characteristics in your own life and those around you can be difficult, and not easy to own up to, it's not always that serious.

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After waking up one morning, Rob Forbes realised he had a non-serious toxic trait that he had never even noticed.

This led to the question: What are your non-serious toxic traits?

From snoozing alarms to ignoring spouses, Rozanne McKenzie and Jacaranda FM listeners came through and confessed:

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