#VDayFails: Rozanne McKenzie shares her Valentine's Day horror story

#VDayFails: Rozanne McKenzie shares her Valentine's Day horror story

Valentine's Day is all about sharing love, but sometimes things don't go as planned...

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Chocolates, cute cards, dinner dates, and fluffy teddy bears.

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This is what comes to mind when you think about Valentine's Day.

Whether you are single, dating, or married, there is always some sort of expectation for the 14th of February which, unfortunately, can lead to disappointment.

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No matter how cool you decide to play it or how much you try to convince yourself that "it's the thought that counts", everyone wants to know they are appreciated and loved on this special day.

The evening before Valentine's Day, Rozanne was having a conversation with her husband to make sure they were on the same page and had agreed that they won't be doing anything special on the day.

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She was absolutely horrified when his face dropped and it became clear that he had something special planned.

Take a listen to find out exactly what happened and how she is now trying to fix her romantic blunder:

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