VIDEO: Canadian tries Afrikaans tongue twisters

VIDEO: Canadian tries Afrikaans tongue twisters

A Canadian TikToker recently shared a hilarious video attempting various Afrikaans tongue twisters.

Canadian tries Afrikaans tongue twisters
TikTok/ Screenshot

Whenever you ask any non-Afrikaans speaker what Afrikaans sound like, you’ll likely hear them emphasising the hard 'g', 'r', and 'k' sounds.

This often results in a growling-like sound, which is bound to leave any Afrikaans speaker in stitches. 

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Now, although this might seem like a difficult language to grasp, TikToker @ThePolyglotfiles believes that Afrikaans is one of the easiest languages to learn, especially for English speakers. 

Watch here:

@thepolyglotfiles Afrikaans is the easiest language to learn! #Afrikaans #Afrikaanslanguage #learnAfrikaans #easiestlanguage #easiestlanguageforbeginners #learnontiktok #linguistics #southafrica ♬ original sound - ThePolyglotFiles

Most of his recent TikTok videos were aimed at teaching people Afrikaans and about Afrikaans history.

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His latest videos show the TikToker as he attempts to say different Afrikaans tongue twisters.

Watch here:

@thepolyglotfiles Afrikaans keeps proving why it's difficult. These tongue twisters are wild. #Afrikaans #afrikaanstiktoks #southafrica #afrikaanslanguage #languages #linguistics #easiestlanguages #tonguetwisters #fyp ♬ Comedy Scenes - Comical, stupid, odd, lovely (Drumless)(1441321) - Ponetto

Even if you are an Afrikaans speaker, you can't deny that some of these tongue twisters are insanely difficult, once again proving why it sounds like growling to some.

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Main image: TikTok/ Screenshot


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