VIDEO: Expert shares five things NOT to do with your dishwasher

VIDEO: Expert shares five things NOT to do with your dishwasher

You might think you know everything there is to know about your dishwasher...

Expert shares five things not to do with dishwasher
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Dishwashers have made our lives so much more convenient... when there is electricity of course.

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Often, you'll have a few appliances, tools, and other utensils in your home that you might not have used to their full potential.

You might know what to do with your vacuum, toaster or dishwasher.

But do you know what you shouldn't do with these things?

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Which? is a website where impartial experts share reviews on all kinds of products, and provide tips and advice.

It's basically your one-stop shop for everything you need to know before making a purchase.

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Most recently, they shared a video in which one of their dishwasher experts discussed a few things you should not be doing with your dishwasher.

Here is the video:

@whichuk Take a look at this before you tackle your next load of dirty dishes. #dishwasher #dishwashers #dishwasherhack #dishes #clean #cleaning #cleantok #washingup ♬ original sound - Which?

It turns out it was also slightly more controversial than they thought it would be as some viewers questioned the actual expert, saying, "If you don't use the tablet tray it's mostly wasted in the initial rinse cycle 🤣 Terrible idea! That's why it's there 🙉".

Whether you choose to follow some of these tips is all up to you, but having more information is never a bad thing.

Here are some of their other helpful videos:

@whichuk Don't risk permanently damaging your TV by cleaning it the wrong way. #tv #tech #techtips #techtok #techtiktok #technology #techtiktok #tvtech #tvtok #techtoktips ♬ original sound - Which?
@whichuk 6 things you should never vacuum up unless you want to destroy your vacuum cleaner. #cleaning #clean #cleantok #vacuum #vacuumcleaner #hoover #vacuum #learn #learnontiktok ♬ original sound - Which?

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