VIDEO: Man buys R500k house on Amazon

VIDEO: Man buys R500k house on Amazon

As convenient as this is, there is one slight issue...

VIDEO: Man buys R500k house on Amazon

In the digital age we live in, it is often quite shocking when you discover all the online shopping options available.

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Decades ago you would have never thought that you would be able to buy groceries, clothing, and so much more by simply going on the internet.

While you have always been able to go to a property website to look at homes, buying a house online, getting it shipped to your house, and "constructing it" still feels like a wild idea.

But it is possible.

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TikToker @hittaa_jeff recently posted a video on the popular social media platform where he shared that he had bought a house on Amazon for $26,280 (close to R500,000).

The video has over nine-million views as he explains how the house will be delivered and why he decided to buy it:

@hittaa_jeff #greenscreen i will never forget this 😂 what do i be doing #fyp #foryou #amazon #house #foryoupage #spender #newhouse #unfold #amazonfinds #explorepage ♬ original sound - Hughefnerson

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The foldable house has since been delivered and he quickly realised that there was one issue.

As he gives viewers a tour of the house, he mentions that he's 1,7m tall and the can comfortably touch the ceiling:

@hittaa_jeff 5 guys and 27 mins later 😫 ITS HERE😫😍 #FYP #foryou #amazon #house #unfoldhouse #foryoupage #newhouse #update #explorepage #pt2 ♬ original sound - Hughefnerson
@hittaa_jeff Baby steps yall think imma robot 😂🥴 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #amazon #house #newhouse #pt3 #update #explorepage ♬ original sound - Hughefnerson

This may not seem like the biggest issue considering the house comes with a kitchen, working electrical and plumbing, and looks like a proper decent home.

But he is shorter than the average US male so this could be something that future buyers should consider.

Given the cost of living crisis and housing crisis the world is experiencing, this could push us closer to finding a solution.

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Main image courtesy of @hittaa_jeff/TikTok

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