VIDEO: Massive brawl breaks out at school rugby game

VIDEO: Massive brawl breaks out at school rugby game

Things got too heated on and off the field.

VIDEO: Massive brawl breaks out at school rugby game

Whether you are watching a Rugby World Cup final or a high school rugby game, tensions can run high.

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This is especially true when you have a loved one or friend participating on the field and you feel like there might have been an unfair decision at some point.

It's not always the right thing to do, but sometimes the best you can do is blame the referee.

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When that doesn't work, some people will get physical with opponents, which can turn ugly really quickly.

In a viral video that was recently shared on X, those involved in the fight saw no reason to talk things out and let their fists speak for themselves.

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There has been no context provided as to who was involved, why they were fighting or where this happened, but the scale of the fight does seem to imply that this was no mere rule dispute.

In response to the caption of the tweet, people have been mentioning that it is not fair to classify a group by the wrongful and questionable decisions of a small percentage of that group:

There is no doubt that no matter your culture, background, race or gender, there should never be any need to attack someone like this.

Just because things might be escalating does not mean you have to take it even further, and it's more courageous to walk away than cause a scene.

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