VIDEO: Netflix movie called "the worst Christmas film ever"

VIDEO: Netflix movie called "the worst Christmas film ever"

Apparently, the movie's popular cast couldn't even save it...

VIDEO: Netflix movie called "the worst Christmas film ever"

There are two standard Christmas movie categories: classic, feel-good, high-production movies or Hallmark movies.

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Hallmark festive movies have always been considered the lesser of the two; you'll probably find yourself watching one or two over the festive season because they're so bad they're almost good.

While Hallmark and Lifetime are well-known for producing these types of films, and have decided to lean into it, you would expect better from a well-funded streaming giant like Netflix.

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Unfortunately, their latest holiday offering, 'Best. Christmas. Ever!', has quite ironically been called the worst.

Reading the synopsis it doesn't sound that bad:

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The cast includes big names like singer and actress Brandy, Jason Briggs ('American Pie'), and Heather Graham ('The Hangover').

But the reviews are in and they are not favourable:

Where there are haters there will also be lovers and there are some people who genuinely enjoyed the movie:

It might never reach blockbuster status, but that's not what it's about.

The festive season is about joy, happiness, and kindness, so why not give 'Best. Christmas. Ever!' a watch anyway?

Watch the trailer here and decide for yourself:

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