VIDEO: SA woman shares video of herself "stealing" sausage samples

VIDEO: SA woman shares video of herself "stealing" sausage samples

Occasionally you've got to make fun of yourself!

VIDEO: SA woman shares video of herself "stealing" sausage samples

It's good to be self-aware and to realise when something you did might be a little strange or weird.

And there is nothing wrong with being different.

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But it takes a special kind of person who is willing to open themselves up and be vulnerable on the internet.

A TikToker, Katlego (@katlego___m), recently shared a video of herself that could be seen as a bit embarrassing but that was also relatable.

She also decided to share it herself so it's not too serious.

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In the video, Katlego can be seen standing next to one of those sample stands often found in grocery stores.

Like any normal human being, she decides to grab a bite and try one of the samples.

It's what she does after she's had the first one that had Mzansi laughing:

@katlego___m #SAMA28 #fyp #limpopotiktokers🥰🥰🥰🥰 ♬ Rock My World Jersey Club prod.fazobeats_ - fazo💫

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In the comments, others were quick to say that she is not alone and there are many people who have gone back for more at these sample stands.

Who can say no to free food?

One user even shared their own version of this story.

Telo: "I walked passed 4 times and helped myself because the was no one there and they made an announcement on the intercom for me to stop 😩"

Other comments included:

"There's nothing to be ashamed of the customer is always right 😂😂🤣😅" and "You would have seen me walking with the whole container 😭"

It's fair to say, we can all relate to Katlego and would love to channel her confidence.

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Main image courtesy of @katlego___m/TikTok

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